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What We Do

The Single Best Caretakers for your Precious Pets

The solutions we put together for you personally focus on your pets’ individual requirements including; import, export, local transport, and boarding services. Ensuring their travel is as seamless and stress-free as possible, We take care of you per while watching your wallet.

We know that your pet is a family member and we highly recommend using the most experienced agents for pick up, shipping, and delivery. We cater to pets that are restricted from, or unable to travel by airline travel. This includes Giant Breed, Snub Nose (brachycephalic), ``Dangerous Dog Breed``, elder pets and those with medical needs. In addition, some pet parents prefer private long-distance pet transport over airline travel. Veterinarian monitored transportation and *check-ups at select locations.

Why choose us
We are the ONLY pet shipper certified in Mexico by The Animal Transportation Association

Established in 1976 as the Animal Air Transportation Association, the ATA came together in response to concerns from industry leaders, government officials, and humane association representatives.

In 1989, the name changed to Animal Transportation Association to emphasize the equal importance of sea, air, and land transport in the safe and humane transport of animals.

  • We have federal licenses

    If you are traveling through Mexico carrying passengers, cargo or animals you must have federal licenses for both the driver and the vehicle, otherwise the police may confiscate all your belongings.

  • Making Mexico Pet Relocation Easy!

    Best Mexico Pet Movers experts will help you navigate the bureaucracy and documentation requirements for importing or exporting your pets in Mexico.

  • We offer the best quotes

    The price for pet transport can vary substantially depending on the location, so we’ll need to provide you with a specific quote to suit your needs. Our pet shipping services costs are always competitive without compromising the safety and comfort of your animals.

  • Caring Team

    Caring for your pets is our job, and we put the welfare of your animals above all else, always. Pet safety is always our top priority.

  • Track your pet at any time

    We know how important your pet is to you, so if traveling alone, our team will be in constant communication with you so that you know the status and location of your pet. We will also consistently send you photos, easing your mind that all is going well.

First choice transport

Best Mexico Pet Movers moves you all at once!

Because we travel by ground, we have the opportunity to make frequent stops. This way, your dog will enjoy stretching out their legs on longer trips and relieving themselves outside when needed. Cats can take comfort in their safe and roomy spaces, without worrying about being in a stressful environment.

You can also travel and enjoy the trip with your pet, in fact we can even move most of your belongings along with you, so you can save much more by moving everything at the same time

Transport Coverage

If your in need for animal, people or cargo transportaion services from or to the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America, Best Mexico Pet Movers has you covered there too. We can safely and easily move you door to door, anywhere in these countries.

If you are in need of dog or cat transport services from or to the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America, Best Mexico Pet Movers has you covered there too. We can safely and easily move your dog, door to door, anywhere in these countries.

At Best Mexico Pet Movers, we are pet owners and animal lovers ourselves, so we understand the stress you feel when moving your furry family members. We created our service to eliminate this stress and worry, and reunite beloved pets with their adoring families everywhere in North and Central America.

Work is Our Mission Animals are Our Passion

Our team is characterized by professionalism and extensive experience in the field transporting and accompanying animals. Experience gathered around Mexico, U.S. and Canada has allowed us to create a safe and secure transport and relocation company that adjust to your needs.

Contact details

Best Mexico Pet Movers

C. 35 487, Centro
Merida, Yuc, 97302

Hours of Operation
Mon – Fri: 08:00 am – 05:00 pm
Sat: 09:00 am – 03:00 pm

Contac through whatsapp : +52 1 999 101 2049

U.S. Phone: (945) 278-3368

Email: bestmexicopetmovers@gmail.com

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Based on 12 reviews
michael falvo
michael falvo

We had a great trip with Alfonso moving us and 2 dogs from Vegas Nevada to Tulum Country Club. He was always checking best route for traffic etc. and arranged motels that were pet friendly.
We highly recommend his services and will definitely use him again if and when time comes.
Michael and Agi

Ervin Lozano
Ervin Lozano

100% recommend Alfonso and his team. He helped my bull terrier and I move from Florida to CDMX. The trip was a great, comfortable experience all throughout. When entering Mexico, Alfonso accompanied me into Immigrations to make sure everything went smoothly in receiving my Tourist Visa. From there, his team member, Miguel, took us to CDMX. Miguel is amazing as well! In fact, he drove my dog and I again when I moved to Guanajuato a few months later.

I highly recommend Best Mexico Pet Movers and will continue to use them whenever needed!

Calvin Miller
Calvin Miller

I would highly recommend Alfonso and his team at Best Mexico Pet Movers.
Since we have never used this type of service before we were a bit apprehensive waiting for our day to arrive. However, once Alfonso showed up on time and met him, we felt much more at ease. He loaded us up (the van was packed with our stuff) and it was his show from there on. All I had to do was care for my little dog, Molly, and enjoy the scenery. When it came time to cross the border, he walked me though it.
He provided multiple pit stops, knowledgeable bits of information about the area we were in, and very comfortable and secure hotels to stay at along the way.
My family and I won't hesitate to use his company again.
Thanks Alfonso!

Scut monkey Dave
Scut monkey Dave

We were very concerned about getting our 3 dogs to Mexico when we came down, and after lots of research we made the right choice!
I would never let anyone move my pets but Best Mexican Pet Movers! Alfonso is kind to pets and people, he's concious of their needs, keeping them happy, comfortable and with plenty of rest stops. He can arrange the seats in his van to accommodate your needs and take cargo too. He's a great driver and made the trip fun, with info about the cities we went through.

The dogs said it best. Recently we had the good fortune of running into Alfonso again. When the dogs recognized the van they scratched and begged to get in for more adventures. When they saw him, they greeted them like an old friend.

To take 3 old dogs and their not so young owners anywhere in Mexico, we think there's no better choice than Alfonso and Best Mexican Pet Movers

Scott Cash
Scott Cash

100% recommend! Alfonso brought me and my dog quickly and safely from Dallas, TX to Cancun last August. Plenty of restroom breaks for the dogs, great company and conversation, everything went smoothly and easily. Wonderful experience. 🙂

Melody Rose
Melody Rose

Alfonso with Best Mexico Pet Movers helped me out with a tricky situation - which was bringing my pet bird into Mexico. Birds are considered exotic animals and it's a lot more paperwork and hassle to import / export them. Alfonso kept in touch with me throughout the process and connected me to his personal Vet who helped take care of the paperwork on the Mexican side, a complicated process that involved multiple trips to different government offices. He also coordinated with me to share the ride with another couple who were bringing their dogs down, thereby generously reducing the cost for all parties. Throughout the 3-day trip, Alfonso was a wealth of knowledge, insights, and good cheer! He took me to the best restaurants I've eaten at and he knows everything about the route as well as the different parts of Mexico we were traveling through. It was a very enjoyable and uneventful trip, as Alfonso did all the work when it came to getting pet friendly hotels and picking a route that was scenic and had no traffic issues! For anyone moving their beloved animal family members to Mexico, Alfonso and Best Mexico Pet Movers is a great choice!

Roderic Berry
Roderic Berry

I own two rescue American Pitt bull mixes Bella & CoCo Brown. I had each since they were 6 weeks old. In May 2022, My wife and I decided to move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and made plans, we couldn’t get a flight because of the breed’s reputation. We hired Best Mexico Pet Movers and they met us in San Antonio, TX and we loaded up a full van inside and out, along with my wife and our two beloved pets. As we headed South to Mexico, it’s started to rain harder than I’ve ever seen before! We made it down to Laredo where we endured a three hour unload, search and reload after paying taxes on the electronics we were bringing along at the border. We got 30 minutes into Mexico and was stopped by the Mexican Police because we looked like we were moving to Mexico. The journey was going to be a long enduring journey. Our Driver (Juan) suggested that we get dropped off in Monterrey at a plush hotel where we spent the night and flew the rest of the journey to PV. The next morning
The Professional driving staff consisted of two Gentleman Juan and his Co Driver repacked our worldly goods and took off with our dogs on the 18 hour drive to Puerto Vallarta. My wife and I woke up fresh, went to the airport, landed at 1100 am, got the keys to our home, had some delicious Mexican quesadillas and waited until the scheduled arrival of household good and Pets. Juan and the driver arrived promptly at 8:00 pm. They sent pics every few hours and we always felt they kept our beloved pets safe.

Honesty is big, nothing was missing from our goods, nothing was damaged! These guys really took ownership of our precious cargo and delivered it safe unscathed and on time!

I give “Best Mexico Pet Movers” my highest compliment and praise for delivering on their word!

Rodrick Berry Sr.
SFC, US Army


Kendra Broughton
Kendra Broughton

This team really made our experience wonderful! Juan was a joy to travel with. He was extremely helpful and an all around good person. We would definitely use their services again when needed and recommend to all. You will have no regrets!

Chris Kibler
Chris Kibler

Alfonso made the IMPOSSIBLE move POSSIBLE!!! GRACIAS!!!

Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson

This RoadWarrior knows the drill...made the border run with him multiple times and never would've survived without him!